Google is looking to improve the performance of Tab Mirroring in Chrome to the Chromecast, and is asking for your help to do so.

In a post put up a week ago on the Google Chromecast product forums, Googler ‘Eric’ who is a Product Manager for the Chromecast, has requested volunteers to help Google to test ‘Enhanced Mirroring’ using either the latest version of Chrome Canary on Windows/Mac or the Chrome Beta in ChromeOS as well as the Googlecast Beta from the Chrome Webstore :

Hello Chromecast users,

My name is Eric, and I am a product manager for casting in Chrome at Google. We have been developing an enhanced version of Chrome tab casting, and would like to invite you to try it out and provide feedback to help us with an awesome casting experience.

To enable the “Enhanced mirroring” feature for Google Cast, you will need to be on the Chrome developer channel. To do this, we recommend downloading Chrome Canary, which will run alongside your normal Chrome browser. If you are on a Chrome OS device, then we recommend updating to Chrome Beta (go to chrome://help -> More info -> Change channel). Then, install (or manually update) the Google Cast Beta extension, click the Google Cast extension icon, select Options, and you will see “Enhanced mode” under Tab Casting mode.

Please provide feedback through this form here.

Please also send us details on specific sessions by clicking on the Send Feedback option under the Cast extension icon, selecting “Tab/Desktop Projection Quality” as the feedback type, and checking the “attach logs” fields.

Thank you very much for helping us bring you a better mirroring experience!

The Tab Mirroring for Chromecast, especially for Video streaming has not been especially smooth, with the consensus around the Ausdroid offices that the experience is terrible.

Of course if you do try this out, feedback through the Google Doc, is necessary to help improve the product. With this update being tested just before Google I/O next week, it seems we may be in line for an update to the Chromecast experience. We’ll have to wait and see.

Have you tried out the Enhanced Mirroring for Chromecast? Was it improved?

Source: Chromecast Product Forum.