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The dispute surrounding whether Google will this year release another Nexus phone this year has apparently been resolved. A source within Google who is close to the project has advised Ausdroid that Google are indeed looking to release a new phone in the Nexus line later this year.

The source advised that a new Nexus phone is definitely in the works, with the big feature of the new Nexus phone tipped to be a very LG G3 sized 5.5″ screen. While the screen size matches, no mention was made of whether the resolution of the panel would be equal to the QHD display on the LG flagship.

While the source would not say which manufacturer would be producing the latest Nexus phone, which should be due around October/November this year, it has been rumoured previously that LG has been tapped by Google to produce a third Nexus phone. Refuting this claim earlier this week, was LG‘s Global Communications Director Ken Hong who stated that his company was not making the rumoured handset.

While many have speculated that the rumoured ‘Android Silver‘ program will be the death of the Nexus program, this news seems to refute the notion. It can be argued that the Nexus program is still essential to developers, offering a cost-effective device that carries the latest hardware, including sensors which Google wishes to include in the latest version of Android.

There’s no more information at this stage, but rest assured if any more information surfaces we will be right on it.

Is a 5.5″ Nexus phone be too large for you?

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    Sean Farrow

    Can’t wait to see what the Nexus 6 (X?) will pack… at this stage though I’m waiting until my aging S3 is out of contract and looking at the G3 in the meantime… the Nexus 6 is still only so many rumours.
    And why are people arguing over screen size? It’s a personal preference… save your arguing for the ones who deserve it… Apple users!

    Manish Balyan

    this is a good news Nexus 6 in big screen with stunning features.


    NO I like a 5.5″ Screen, I have a LG OPTIMUS PRO G with a 5.5″ Screen and it is Awesome! I would like to have a new nexus 6 with the same size screen. With all the Awesome extras. Like android L and always first to get the updates before anyone else does. And it being built buy LG you know it will be built well. It may even be better than the new iPhone’s. WoW now isn’t that something. Even better than Samsung’s phones. If it is I will be one of the first to buy one. WOO… Read more »


    Finally a bigger screen nexus, if this is true. Those that want the smaller screen buy a nexus 5.


    Or carry a corded Phone in your shorts. I am packing a Big one already l


    Yes it is too big, and no I do not believe this ‘source’. 5.5″ is not what people are looking for and 5.2″ maximum is far more likely. That is if the Nexus 6 is going ahead.

    Lance Rose

    I don’t know about that allot of phones are coming out at 5.5, One Plus One, LG G3, OPPO Find 7/7a, Iphone 6 (rumored), I think this is going to be the bigger phone sweet spot, so maybe even the next galaxy note may end up this size as well.


    The galaxy notes and LG G ranges are made for people who like bigger phones, not for the mass market. The HTC One, Xperia Z, Galaxy S and Nexus ranges are the mass market phones and have always had screens in the phone ‘sweet spot’ of 4.7-5.2″. Hence there is no reason for Google to suddenly switch to a niche phone for their very last Nexus phone, so a screen size between 5 and 5.2″ is very very likely.

    Lance Rose

    However with that said, all the phones I listed are the flagship devices, rather than the larger variants from those manufactures (excluding iPhone), I mean I do agree to a certain degree 5-5.2 is a pretty good screen size, and 5.5 is almost too big (really depends on bezel), like LG G3 for instance did a 5.5 right since their bezel is so thin, but the reason I mentioned the note is because I think the phone is getting too big lol, but still there is a market for that I suppose.


    The note is a larger variant of the galaxy S range, and no one buys LG Gs for that reason. OnePlus are just brand new and we don’t really know what their angle is, and OPPO sell phones to a completely different market. The nexus range have always kept their phones aligned with Samsung galaxy S, the nexus 4 and s3 had 4.7-4.8, the nexus 5 and s4 had 5.0, the s5 and nexus 6 will have 5.1-5.2.

    Lance Rose

    I feel that’s kind of a blanket statement, LG’s G series has multiple sizes so while Samsung has their S line and Note line, LG uses G for everything to add to confusion, the Optimus G was the same size as the iPhone (4.7) the Optimus G Pro on the other hand was 5.5 comparable to the note (5.3) and note 2 (5.5). With that said G2 (5.2) g pro 2 (5.9), G3 (5.5) and I’m sure the pro 3 will be larger, ultimately even though you’re saying people don’t buy LG because they are larger phones seems off, people… Read more »

    Chazz Matthews

    Agreed that 5.2″ is probably the max Google will go for right now.

    I believe there WILL be one last Nexus smartphone in 2014 before “Silver” kicks off in 2015. Furthermore, I believe that it won’t be 5.5″ 1440p like the LG G3, but will be BASED on the LG G3 — just as the 2013 4.95″ 1080p Nexus 5 was “based on” the 2013 5.2″ 1080p LG G2. Many same or similar components, but smaller screen size. I see something like 5.0″ – 5.2″… maybe even 1080p instead of 1440p.


    This is exactly what I predict, same specs as the LG G3 but with a smaller and lower resolution screen. But then, with the last nexus, I have my fingers crossed that They’ll bring out a real belter for a reasonable price.

    Brad Hook

    Bring on the bigger screens. I’ve used all my mobiles with two hands since I moved from iPhone to Galaxy S II in 2011 anyway. Even when I use friends’ iPhones, they still feels ridiculously unnatural to use one handed, so I even use them with two. Everyone’s different, I guess.

    Damien Xenos

    Brad I am with you on this.
    1. its easier.
    2. who wants to risk accidentally drop there new $800 flagship phone
    Love the fact that I no longer need to reach for a larger device to web surf or consume media.


    Is a 5.5″ Nexus phone be too large for you?

    If the bezels are at least close to G3 size, no. But please, no undersized battery ala Nexus 5!

    Chazz Matthews

    Google has constantly screwed up the battery size, always going too small. At least on my gen3 Galaxy Nexus I was able to swap in larger battery made for it by Samsung. It was the battery the phone should have come with in the first place! And the Nexus 5 should have had the same 3,000 mAh battery the LG G3 has!


    Good to see Ausdroid have their own sources within Google. I’m not particularly a fan of the Nexus line (as I believe OEM’s started surpassing Google’s Nexus phones from 2013), I still would like to see high end phones and mid-ranged prices. While I like LG, I’d like to see another manufacturer develop the phone this time round. Preferably HTC, Sony or Motorola I’d like to see. Only issue is I hope they have a great camera this time round and good battery life. Two features which I believe the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 sorely lacked . As for… Read more »


    I presume you mean hardware specs. Other OEMs can never surpass Nexus in terms of quick OTA updates.


    I mean in both hardware and software. I preferred HTC and Sony’s UI’s over Google’s Nexus UI. And the hardware in HTC/Sony phones to me are much, much better than Nexus phones.

    Updates, yeah sure, Nexus phones can’t be beat, but I really don’t care seeing as 4.4.3 and 4.4.4 are nothing but bug fixes and I feel Google’s UI is inferior to HTC’s Sense 6.

    OTA updates aren’t important to me, especially when Nexus updates are quite anemic whereas OEM’s have a lot of pretty useful features added to theirs.


    Are you seriously saying that HTC’s outdated and slow Sense UI is better than vanilla Android? I will agree that TimeScape is on par with vanilla and in some respects is better, but no other UI comes close. And since the Nexus 5 came with pretty identical hardware to other flagships late last year, I can’t say I understand your hangups about specs. And the price makes Nexus devices quite frankly unbeatable.


    Don’t know how HTC’s Sense 6 is outdated seeing as it’s more recent that Nexus 5 UI on 4.4 Kit Kat. Sense 6 was built on 4.4 so it can’t possibly be more outdated than Google’s UI. Aside from that, the One M8 on Sense 6 is faster than the Nexus 5. Anyone who has owned both (as I have) can testify to that. Also it’s subjectively more beautiful and has better design language than stock Android. The Nexus 5 camera app was abysmal at launch and the newer updated one isn’t any better. Sorry, but I don’t like 1/3… Read more »


    A more up to date and brand new phone with a better processor is faster than a 6 month old phone, I apologise if my gasps aren’t audible enough for you. Try comparing an HTC One with a Nexus 4, they are far more closely aligned. HTC Sense is still stuck looking like iOS pre 7 and the tacky features you speak of are less than appealing, one of the reasons I do not use the Google Photos app. The nexus 5 camera app is designed so it is easier to hit the camera button without looking at it, and… Read more »


    Camera sensors are typically of the 4:3 aspect ratio, which is why the new Google camera has a black bar on the right, which also serves as a big shutter button. Personally, I prefer it this way as I get to properly frame my photos. It’s also how a proper camera app should perform – what you see on the screen is the photo you get; no surprises.

    Unless you have your camera settings to capture photos in the 16:9 aspect ratio, then yes, it might make a difference.

    Joshua Hill

    A lot of features that get adopted into stock android started out from the manufacturers. Google then borrows (steals) them if they think it’s a good idea.

    Jesus J. Nieves-Padilla

    I don’t get how Google borrowing (stealing) ideas from TouchWiz or Sense respectively from Samsung and HTC sounds even logical when all depends on Android which is the OS in the first place.

    Perhaps is the way you stated it that it sounds that those GUI/ graphic platform came first that Android itself.

    Joshua Hill

    Did you hear that Samsung Knox security features are being adopted for all to use in the new L release of Android OS. A perfect current example of what I said. If you care to do some research you can find older examples, then you might get it! Its got nothing to do with logic just cold hard facts.

    Joshua Hill

    Also I have a feeling @mcored edited his comment to remove an incorrect statement that I was partly responding too. Perhaps that would have given you some better context as to the way I stated my comment.

    Anthony Kilburn

    I say bring on the larger screen, and the more pixels the better…I really like the LG Nexii, it’s a shame they aren’t making the hardware for this one. So who’s it gonna be? HTC?


    Screen size isn’t too important if they can keep the bezel down. It would be pushing (and probably exceeding for some people) what can easily be used with 1 hand. At times I already have trouble if I hold the Nexus 5 slightly off.


    I’d like it to have a outer casing that isn’t as soft as butter so that when you accidentally drop it from anything below 3cm, it doesn’t instantly shatter your screen. Twice.

    Daniel Tyson

    Nexus 5? or Nexus 4? Had no issues with 5, but 4 was like…well, glass.


    My 5 has cracks from both bottom corners, while my 4 actually has a perfect screen but cracked back.