Monday , February 26 2018

Designer Google Glass Available Now

Google Glass has always been a very niche product. Obviously until recently it was only available for purchase with an invite issued by Google and then the price of USD $1500 made them even more exclusive. Most of the people who used Glass were geeks like us. Geeks who really don’t care so much about how dorky they look because let’s face it, Google Glass is not the most attractive piece of eyewear available.

Earlier this month Google announced that they would be releasing a designer range of Google Glass designed in co-operation with Diane von Fürstenberg (DVF), formerly Princess Diane of Fürstenberg, a Belgian-born American designer. They are now available for a cool $1800US for the ladies glasses or $1650 for the mens from Net-A-Porter or Google Glass websites. If you are already a Glass Explorer there is an option to purchase just the frames only for $225 each. You can also purchase alternate shade or colour variations for an additional $160 each.

It is good to see Google now trying to bring Google Glass to the mainstream. With Google IO coming up in a couple of days we can be sure to see more Glass information coming at us soon. I see this as the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bringing Glass to the mainstream but unfortunately the price is still inhibitive. Until Google can figure out a way to make Glass cheaper it is not going to have much of an impact on the general community.

Anyone interested in designer Google Glass? Does the price put you off? Do you think they still look too dorky for general consumption?

Source: Android Central.

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4 Comments on "Designer Google Glass Available Now"

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Valued Guest

More critically, the measurements for women’s frames are 54-16-130
So they are a slightly wide frame, with short arms.

Valued Guest

Designer glass – no. Prescription glass – hell yes.

Marné Prinsloo
Valued Guest
Marné Prinsloo

Available now… Only in America. Title may be misleading.

Phil Tann
Valued Guest

Easy to get around, check out the shipping forwarders on this article:

The same process applies. 🙂

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