Google Play Games

Google is looking to provide and enhance its backend common game features to developers who wish to make more compelling games for users. It is looking to provide a similar and cohesive score or competition experience to what Apple users currently have with Game Center.

Developers are being encouraged to develop and integrate these common games features which it will help sure up and solidify its backend operations and provide a more more compelling games apps for users to enjoy together with their friends and family.

According to Android Police, Google is looking to add new features to Play Games including leaderboards and achievements, Quests & Level Up Notifications along with snapshots to users. Google have already managed to catch the interest of many game developers already, though it is thought that most of these features will slowly be peppered out to the Play Games some time soon, with an update to Google Play Services and the Google Play Games app.

So let’s have a look at some of the new features we are soon to hopefully see in Google Play and Google Play Games app.

Quest & Level Up Notifications

Quests certainly are major elements of some games and when handled and packaged properly, they have the potential to create a really great user game experience. On this basis, according to Android Police, Google is planning on helping game developers add more compelling quest interactions into their games by keeping users aware of what quests are available and when.

When users use this new functionality, Google Play Games would tell a user if a given game has any quests and if the user has opted in to (push) notifications, will then notify the user of upcoming quests. This will then give users the option to either accept or pass on the available quests. Additionally this will also serve up reminders about when the quest starts and ends if they accept the quest and also provide a friendly notification once the quest is complete.

It is also believed that Play Games will be able to tell users when they’ve leveled up in a game, utilising the existing Play Games toast notification style.


Based on information Android Police have been able to obtain and work out, the Snapshots will be making its way into games, although how exactly how it will be implemented is not 100% clear yet.

From what they have been able to gather is that Snapshots could possibly constitute an effort by Google to make saving in a game easier for users. This functionality could introduce easier checkpoints, instantaneous saving, or easier cloud saving, although the latter being a feature which has largely been ignored by developers so far.

So when can we expect to see these options made available to us users? Well that depends as Google Play Games is a service that only works if developers are interested. So when a developer is interested they will more than likely mplement these features within their games. This will ultimately benefit users by getting a great experience.

With that said, Play Games has been picking up a lot of steam with changes being made by Google so hopefully these new features will convince even more developers to get on board.

Source: Android Police.