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The Android TV platform is coming, several sources have confirmed that the platform will launch at Google I/O this week, but now an early ‘What’s New’ Changelog for game Riptide GP2 has again added weight to the discussion that Google will roll out the Android TV platform tomorrow.

Android Police were tipped by a reader who saw the update in their Google Play update for the game, and managed to snag a screenshot of the update which lists three features they’ve added to the game specifically for the platform :

  • Support for Android TV!
  • Split-screen mode (Android TV)
  • Safe-zone adjustment screen (Android TV)

Aaron Burrell, the user who caught the leak, posted a screenshot of the What’s New section of his update to his Google+ page.
Riptide GP2 Android TV
The update has since been pulled, which is a shame but definitely sends a message that Google is looking to go big with Android TV with gaming. Adding Riptide GP2, a fairly popular game as a launch title for the platform is a big win, hopefully they’ve lined up some just as big titles to co-incide with the launch, perhaps some Gameloft and EA games will be present as well? Now to hope that Google releases the Android TV platform world-wide immediately upon release.

Which games would you like to see on an Android TV platform?

Source: Aaron Burrell.
Via: Android Police.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

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Luke Vesty
Ausdroid Reader
Luke Vesty

This’ll have Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo looking over their shoulders. Google is coming… And while the established gaming juggernauts have more powerful hardware on their side, the inevitable move to the cloud and game streaming will level the playing field.

Who’s well positioned to take full advantage of the cloud? We know who.

Ben Costello
Ausdroid Reader

GTA games back on the big screen!!! yes please… oh i wonder if emulators will could/would be available

vijay alapati
vijay alapati

looks like this year google has a lot in store for us to Play with 🙂

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