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Google+ Photos reditting function

Google have always been bold when it comes to Google+ Photo’s. Having the Google+ Photos back up your photos, and offering a variety of services and features, allows them to take on other social photography networks such as Instagram & Vine. Now Google has added even more functionality.

Google has upped the ante with this new update which gives users the ability to go back to their previously edited photo’s within G+ Photo’s and re-edit them.

For example, if you like all the filters added to your photo but you forgot to crop it or make some slight adjustments, you can simply just go back and crop, then re-apply the adjustments you want to make that picture perfect, without having the need to go right back to the start again.

There is just a tiny little catch with this function, as it can only be done within Chrome OS laptops or Chromebox, according to a according to a post from Googler John Nack, which means Android (and iOS) users are sadly out of the loop for the time being. That said we could see this function added to the G+ Photo’s Apps in future.

Additionally, the company is introducing a feature called Auto Awesome Effects, which seems to compliment the current Auto Awesome functions and bring them together under this update and automatically apply filters to your photos, videos and GIFs as you upload them. Of course this these effects are reversible, so you can undo them should you not like the filters Google has suggested.

The updates are rolling out to Chrome, so you can head to the Chrome Web store to download it.

Source: EngadgetJohn Nack - Google+.
Via: Android Police.
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