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During the Google I/O Keynote, one of the things Google talked about was Android Wear. They presented a demo of the software, and announced two smartwatches, one of which can be purchased from the Australian Google Play Store right now. However, the one thing they didn’t mention, was which devices are compatible with Android Wear. Luckily there is a very simple way to check if your phone will work with a Wear device.

  1. Go to on your Android device
  2. Read the results.

The site will detect your phone and let you know if your phone is compatible. If you get the nice big green check marks, like the photo above, you are good to go. Android Wear only works with devices running Android 4.3 or higher if you can’t be bothered checking the website. Most newer devices will be ok, but if your phone is a bit older it may be time to upgrade if you want to use a device with Android Wear. The bad news for all you Apple fans,  iPhones are not compatible.

Have you purchased a new Android Wear smartwatch yet or are you planning to?

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    Joanna Garcia

    what about all Samsung Galaxy S 3,4,5 can that Work with them too.


    LG G2 is compatible


    Just wondering, both my tablet and phone are compatible (Nexus 5 and 7 (2013)), does Android Wear allow you to connect it to 2 devices at the same time? Might seem a bit redundant, but my phone could die or my tablet might get better wifi signal, or I could have 2 different accounts set up on both devices.


    So my note 3 isn’t despite being 4.3? android?

    Piers Porter

    To save some people a bit of time, the following devices were compatible for me:
    * Nexus 5 (stock)
    * Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.3 ROM)
    * Nexus 7 (2012 stock)


    That’s weird. Mine’s a Samsung Galaxy S3,4G running 4.3 (not rooted) but still incompatible!

    Piers Porter

    That is weird. Mine is an older 3G-only i9300 that I had to root and flash as it was a grey import from Kogan with a different CSC, IIRC. Here’s the software version.


    Thanks Piers. I think the program on the website that checks the version is buggy.

    I’m assuming its going to take a fair bit of time for the time for the Moto 360 (LG or Samsung not for me) to hit Australian shores in any case. I’ll probably have upgraded to a KitKat phone by then 🙂


    Do you know if the Nexus 4 (stock) is compatible as well?


    My HTC One M8 is compatible. I knew it would be but I checked anyway.

    Looking forward to owning that Motorola 360. Looks gorgeous.


    None of my devices are Android Wear compatible.


    Might be time to pick up a Nexus 5 Jeni.


    An N5 would be useless for me, James. No microSD slot.


    What about a Moto G 4G?


    G Watch inbound here!