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Samsung Gear Live

Samsung’s Gear Live Android Wear smartwatch is now live and available to purchase directly from the Play Store for a mere $250 + delivery.

Based on the info showing on the Play Store, deliveries are to leave Google’s warehouse (probably in Hong Kong if previous deliveries are a reliable guide) by Monday 7 July. Ordering today, therefore, could see you with a Gear Live in your hands by Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

The difference between the Gear Live and LG’s G Watch is mainly to do with Samsung including a heart rate monitor, although the Gear Live does have a slightly smaller battery at 300 mAh compared to LG’s 400 mAh battery. Regardless of this difference, Samsung claims a full day’s battery life as well.

If your interested in buying the Samsung Gear Live smartwatch, you can click on the link below in the source field to have a look and purchase one! If you need some more convincing, have a look at some photos from a hands on at Google I/O.

Source: Google Play - Gear Live.
Thanks: Nathan.

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I thought there would be plenty of G Watch vs Gear Live reviews and real life hands on reviews of them now that they were given out at IO. I was waiting on what the experts thought before jumping in … but things seem to be relatively quiet though?? I know you guys didn’t get one at IO (but you seem to have stolen one last night!) … but any thoughts as to why??

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