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When we previewed the Season 1 of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, it was pretty clear early in the piece that the decision you make really influence the experience you have in the game. At a number of times you have the options for “Fight or Flight” and Season 2 is no different. The second episode follows on from the story you created for yourself in Season 1 (decisions made in Season 1 carry over into your character development in Seasons 2) so I can’t recommend enough that you play that first.

I can’t speak for your decision making, but unfortunately if there is a zombie apocalypse and you hang out with me… you’re going to die! Fortunately for me, I’ll be fine! At least that’s what Episode 2 of The Walking Dead is telling me, regularly there’s a twist that changes the way you make decisions and sucks you into playing the game even longer just to see what happens next.

The Walking Dead: Season Two
The Walking Dead: Season Two

It’s a really well put together “choose your own adventure” game that you truly feel immersed in once you invest a little bit of time. The developers should feel hugely proud of the experience they offer consumers, and it really is that; An experience. Be forewarned though, if you get too immersed it’ll cost you to complete the adventure with in game purchases; but you know what? This is the first game that I truly didn’t mind the financial investment.

Have you battled the zombies and lived to tell the tale (see what I did there?), share your zombie fighting secrets with us so we can all live through the adventure.

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