Nexus 10

Kogan has a EOFY deal on the Nexus 10 16GB Wi-Fi for $309 plus $33.99 shipping.

Okay, so the Nexus 10 is a bit long in the tooth now, but according to what I’ve heard from others it’s still a good 10-inch tablet. Indeed Daniel loves his as he showed when he reviewed the Nexus 10.

If you buy on-line now,according to Kogan it leaves the warehouse in 1-2 weeks and comes with Kogan’s own 12 month warranty.

It’s not the first time they’ve done this, as they offered the same type of deal back in February this year, perhaps running out the stock.

Click on this link to take you to the deal on Kogan’s website.

Source: Kogan.
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It’s an ugly tablet, bezels are too big, is underpowered for the screen resolution… Last but no least it is made by Samsung… No thanks.

Not cheap enough for me yet.

Daniel Tyson

As an owner of the Nexus 10 I am not going to argue on your perceptions of the look of the tablet, but on your comment about underpowered I can categorically say NOPE. Plays beautiful 2560 video with no frame drops, has literally wowed anyone who has watched it in action. Sound is also a massive plus if you’re using the front-facing speakers. It’s a great experience as anyone who has used ‘BoomSound’ on a HTC will tell you. Samsung made – meh, personal preference. It’s a solid build (No Flex) and it’s held up over the last year and… Read more »

Gerrit Bakhuis

Kogan website shows price as $319. Is the $309 based on being a member or something?

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Gerrit, it was $309 last night.


is end of life? Probably won’t get Android L based on current support cycles (?)…

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Mr JayTee74
I guess we will have to wait and see. You could always root and install custom ROM if you’re into that sort of thing.