YouTube has been updated to show movies and TV shows purchased through Google Play Movies.

A recent change by Google to YouTube has added the option to access your purchased Google Play video content in YouTube on Android or Chrome browser on the desktop/Chromebook.

If you click on the Menu button in the YouTube app or within the Chrome browser it will bring up a list of your content including Purchases.

You can also Add to Watch later, Add to Favourites, Create a New Playlist or Share.

The list in my account doesn’t appear to be chronological and doesn’t appear to have any sorting options. You can play all of your videos through the YouTube app or Chrome browser, but you can still watch through Google Play Movies too.

Android Police reported that

If you use that app, you can at least split things up by movies and TV, and the playback interface is also a little more suited to longer content.

I tried to split movies and TV in my account but couldn’t see the option to do so?

This isn’t a big change for Google Play, however, if you’ve ever watched streaming video from Play Movies on a computer, you can tell it’s coming to you via a YouTube frame.

Check it out and see what you think?

Source: Android Police.
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    Its interesting. And looking at they with the youtube website, despite titles listed as HD all they provide is 480p.


    In my dreams: I would access to my Play content via Plex with all its features like On Deck etc.

    It’s hard to watch a TV show currently. Maybe the YouTube play list is the way to go for now.