IFTTT Android Wear
IFTTT is an extremely late-comer to Android, but with the scalability and configurability of Android, it’s a natural fit. The introduction of Android Wear has opened up a whole new set of functions for the automation service.

IFTTT allows users to create recipes for automating certain functions. A recipe is the mix of actions available in IFTTT – If X then Y, for example Take a screenshot Then upload to Drive. This is now coming to Android Wear, with IFTTT adding a whole heap of new functions :

IFTTT Android Wear Functions

With Android Wear orders apparently about to start shipping to Australian customers tomorrow, now is a great time to add the Android Wear app, as well as check out the Android Wear compatible Apps in Google Play which Google is showcasing – which includes IFTTT.

IFTTT: automation & smart home
IFTTT: automation & smart home

What’s your favourite IFTTT recipe? Share some good ones you’ll use when your Android Wear turns up.

Source: IFTTT.
Via: Android Central.