Updated 03/07 :
EvLeaks has just tweeted that this leak appears to have been perpetuated by someone posing as a Google Engineer, tweeting:

EvLeaks is at it again, coming through with further details on the supposed upcoming HTC built Nexus 9 tablet we were first introduced to last month as the Volantis.

The title shot above was also supplied, which shows a macro look at the aluminium unibody of the tablet. Evan also says that the earlier renders shown off by Android Police were ”fake”. The new spec list lists a 2560×1600 resolution which is more common to Android-like 16:10 aspect ratio screens, like that on the Nexus 10. Other specs are at odds with the earlier leak as well, with 5GB of RAM apparently being tested on the tablet.

Full spec list that was listed includes :

HTC Volantis macro shot: silver aluminum unibody (earlier renders/concepts were “fake”), 64-bit Tegra K1 (testing w SD810), 5GB DDR3 (non-final), 8.9″ 1680×1050 (should ship with 2560×1600), 64GB, 5MP/1080p (8MP at retail?), Boomsound

After the rumoured high-end ‘Android Silver’ failed to emerge at Google I/O and head of the Nexus Program, Dave Burke confirmed that the Nexus program was here to stay, the Nexus rumours have certainly solidified. At this stage we have both a Nexus 9 tablet, and a new Nexus phone rumoured to launch in the ‘Fall’ (Spring).

With the ‘L’ Preview of Android now in the hands of developers, the consensus is that Google has done quite well with this latest version of Android and some nice top of the line hardware such as this would go nicely with it.

Source: EvLeaks.
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vijay alapati

will this be affordable as previous nexus tablets O_0


Doubt it.

8.9″ tablet (up from 7″) along with aluminium build, dual front-facing speakers, higher resolution screen, new faster processor etc. Really don’t see this being $330 again like the Nexus 7 was. My guess would be around $500 at least probably for the 16gb/wifi only model.

Personally, I would love that. I’m happy paying a higher price for a more premium product. I get that Nexus devices have been on the cheaper end of the scale relative to its competitors, but I’d prefer higher quality products. Especially less bug-ridden ones, which the Nexus 5 certainly was not.


Sounds less believable than the last rumours. An all metal back would preclude Qi charging, and NFC, and I’m doubting Google would go for that. Plus we have the 4×3 outlines on the I/O slides.

Nah, I’m thinking this might be a ‘silver’ tablet for late this year, early next.

vijay alapati

HTC One M8 has full aluminium body, but also has NFC
And wireless charging for a 9″ device might not sound good as it might take a lot of time to charge (so was nexus 10 doesn’t have wireless charging built in )


Well now this is interesting. Shaping up to be an absolute killer device.

Full metal aluminium build, dual front-facing boomsound speakers, powerful internal hardware. Looks outstanding. Hopefully this is the real deal. Would love the Nexus line to take a premium turn.