Just after Google I/O, the Chrome OS team conducted a survey to come up with a list of Android apps that users wanted in Chrome OS.

Now, the Chromecast team have a similar suggestion page.

Current status of this survey says “706 votes on 29 ideas from 110 people”. Google is using their “Moderator” platform to conduct the survey which means you can view all the ideas submitted by users and vote for ideas you like.

Here are a  few examples:

“Add streaming from Google Drive”

“Connect to Android TV so you would only need one Android TV per house, meaning multi-room multiplayer, watch different/same thing on two different tvs etc”

“A Chromecast enabled remote. Once playing a video, I hate having to turn my phone’s screen on, and find the pause button by looking at it. A simple Bluetooth remote akin to the Roku’s remote that worked once a stream is started would be ideal.”

If you have a feature that you would like to see on Chromecast or Google Cast software you can submit your ideas here.

If you don’t already have a Chromecast you can get one here and download the Chromecast app below.

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Google Home
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Source: Chromecast Central.
Via: Chromestory.
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    Ramiro Fernandez

    I submitted an option to auto pause when the phone rings or is answered. The worst part of having the phone control my chromecast is that when it rings I can’t pause my show to answer the phone!

    Jonathan Seymour

    My chromecast wishlist is for Australian TV channels like SBS and ABC to get on board.