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The financial road for HTC has not been smooth for the last few quarters, it’s been a fairly depressing view from the outside for long-time fans of the company who launched the first round of Android smart phones. But the view is looking rosier this morning with the Taiwanese based company reporting a profit on their 2nd Quarter earnings report.

HTC reported that they had earned a net profit of 2.26 billion New Taiwan dollars or around $80 million Australian dollars, no small drop in the ocean. This profit is up 80% on their Q2 2013 earnings and is by far a more positive result than the over $67 Million loss last financial quarter.

The introduction of their Desire line of lower-end smartphones, as well as a continued success of the HTC One M8, is apparently to thank for the turn-around in fortunes. As well, HTC Chief Financial Officer, Chialin Chang said back in May that they had been working to smooth out supply-chain issues, as well as outsourcing some of their production to cut costs.

All of this appears to have worked. But, it’s early days, continued success is the key and future reports will be watched closely by analysts and investors.

Source: Wall Street Journal.
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I’m glad they’re doing ok and hoe they can sustain it. They had a bad product and were punished but they have a good product now and deserve success. They’re lucky to be the ones building the supposed Nexus 8.


I seem to recall Q2 being their strongest quarter across the years, trending down after that. Q3 will be telling.
But great to see a growth on last years Q2… its reassuring.

Lachie Outhred

HTC are finally doing some advertising too… seen their ad a lot on primetime TV.


I prefer Samsung, but it’s great that they now have more competition. That can only be good for consumers.


Good to hear. Seems like we’ll be seeing the HTC One M9 next year, which would be great, seeing as HTC are currently making the best android phone on the market. They deserve success.