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Google’s Nexus 7 (2013) is fast approaching the one year anniversary of its announcement, it’s currently out of stock on Google Play and we’re told that the tablet is marked as End-Of-Life in the inventory systems of some Australian retailers. So, what will replace the tablet? Talk at this stage has been around the Nexus 9, or Volantis as it’s been apparently code-named. But what if there’s another tablet in the works? A Nexus 8? That’s exactly what’s apparently just passed through Indian Import/Export tracking site Zauba.

GSMArena spotted the listing for the ‘Nexus8 Prototype tablet’, which originated in the US and ended up in Bangalore India. Two of the units reached their destination, With a value of 32,698 Indian Rupees or AUD$584.24 ($294.53 each).
Nexus 8 - Zauba

There’s little else to be gleaned from the entry, and mere speculation could state that this is either a Nexus 7 (2014) or Nexus 9 with a mis-stated screen-size. The description does state that it’s similar to the Nexus 7, but how similar is the question. With a tablet such as a Nexus series tablet, it is always possible that records have been falsified to protect the specs etc. from leaking.

The ‘Breakfast with Sundar’ event that launched the Nexus 7 (2013) – as well as the Chromecast – took place on the 24th of July last year, so we’re fast approaching the one year anniversary. No invites to any events have been issued to press for an event which could be construed as a launch event. Guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: Zauba.
Via: GSMArena.
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Well, there’s two very different sets of rumours associated with the “nexus9” – so the idea of two tablets is not mad. However they’d need to be differentiated more than they would appear to be.

My money would still be on a typo on a manifest, from “9” to “8”.


This might make more sense than a N9, with that price point. Price being a big thing with the Nexus line.


I’m in dire need of a new tablet, my first gen iPad is all but dead and all these rumours are killing me. I really want a 9 or 10″ nexus tablet but google just won’t announce anything. 🙁