American Android fan-site Android Police has posted the above video showing how, with a few simple apps on your Android, you can control all measure of things around your home.

Developer Doug Gregory can be seen operating his lamp by giving commands to his Gear Live. Equally, the lamp can be controlled by swiping on the display, with the background even indicating whether the light is working or not. Later on, we see the same gestures and methods of control being used to control … his garage door!

This is probably a fairly extreme example, but we’re looking forward to seeing home automation integration at the next easier level, with controls for WeMo switches, LiFX bulbs and more.. just have to wait for developers to come up with the magic to make it happen!

Obviously this isn’t the kind of setup that everyone will want to have, but the mere fact that it’s fairly easily done shows that we should see some interesting things around the  corner.

Source: Android Police.


    1. Hue Control is already a Wear app so I’m excited to see how that will work as I use it already on my Nexus, I’ve used it ever since I got my Philips Hue bulbs.