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Galaxy Note 3
Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, your quiet patience is being rewarded with owners advising that they are beginning to receive the Android 4.4 update for their handsets over the air now.

The update is to Android 4.4.2 to be precise and the Over-The-Air update is clocking in at 498.38MB. What does the update bring? Well, just as Galaxy S5 owners gained the ability to change their dock icons in their update back in June, this latest update brings the same functionality.KitKat There’s also a few fixes, including one for NFC, some updated Samsung applications, UI improvements,0 bug fixes, as well as general performance and stability improvements.

The update has so far been seen on the Note 3 purchased outright, but from the Vodafone, Telstra and Optus software update pages, it seems the update is either rolling out now, or scheduled to begin shortly.

We love to hear about your updates – including screenshots of the update when it comes – and so, make sure you let us know what you see. Thanks to everyone who sent this in, let us know what you think of the update when you get it.

Thanks: Nick AnthonyFrank.
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Thanks Daniel for letting us know about the dock thing. Why does Android keep the changes secret from us? Is there a web sight or app that tells you what the changes from version xxx to version nnn are? I’m thinking there is a new model Holden out there driving around that Holden is keeping a secret?
Makes no sense at all.


They’ve stuffed up the internet browser. You can no longer scroll through all your open windows…
It only shows 4 windows at a time. The only way to see your other open windows is to delete the displayed windows.


Still doesn’t have the same theme as the s5. Only different I realised is the battery icon is not white.

Anyone know why or maybe if there is an option to change it to the new theme?

Nick Tsiotinos

Battery drain appears to have improved. I used to have to recharge by 4pm to get through the night – now it’s past midnight and I still have 16%.




My Battery meter turned white – thats about it.
In saying that, I run Nova Launcher; so I didnt expect much.


Put UK kit kat on it months ago.
So easy


I just did a manual check for updates on my Optus Note 3 and it’s downloading now…


I thought it would look more like a galaxy s5 in terms of settings etc.. But nopeee

Brad S

Obviously putting chrome in the dock is a highlight, but I’ve also noticed SMS messages on the lock screen and the battery gauge is now white.

Anders Cervin

After update (Note 3, Vodaphone), email is not syncing and lost contact with SD card