premium-watch-face-android-apps-on-google-play-2014-07-04-12-14-14-2014-07-04-12-14-16If you’re like some of us, you might be anxiously waiting for your brand new Android Wear device to arrive as early as tomorrow.

Android Wear ships with a select few number of watch faces built in, but (just like the Pebble in this regard) it’s possible to install third-party watch faces that might meet your needs better than the built in options. While it will take some time for developers to flood the Play Store with a wide range of watch faces, there’s already some starting to appear.

Sadly, the first ones to arrive on the Play Store are (frankly) ugly as sin. Feel free to check them out for yourselves, but prepare to be a little disappointed:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Android Wear Faces Creator
Android Wear Faces Creator
Developer: UhrArt
Price: Free+

The good news is there’s a GitHub project available for other developers who think they can do a better job of it. Let’s hope some of our favourite developers with their excellent design sense can get some really glorious watch faces going… let’s see in the days to come!

Source: 9 to 5 Google.
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    Nick Tsiotinos

    Just arrived this morning. Gear Live. Goodbye Pebble…..