Nokia may have been purchased by Microsoft but it seems that they are not content with their Android-powered phones already out there in the wild. Earlier this year Dan reviewed the Nokia X and he found it to be, well, inept. The low end offering from Nokia hardly set worlds alight in any category. Today prolific leaker Evan Blass, aka @Evleaks, has tweeted about the existence of an Android-powered Nokia Lumia.


While it seems to be far fetched it should not be dismissed off hand. @Evleaks has a good track record with the accuracy of his leaks and predictions. Last year he tweeted about the existence of an Android-powered Nokia phone and in the end it turned out he was right, the Nokia X was real.

Although we are still not sure about the future of Nokia Android devices it would be nice to see some decent hardware from Nokia running Android. I’m not sure how high end they will go with this device as Nokia stick the name Lumia on all their Windows smartphones so the device could well be low end again.

A big issue when purchasing the Android-powered Nokia phones is the access to apps. They do not have access to the Play Store and are relying on developers porting their apps to the Nokia store, which involves divesting apps from Google Play of all Play Services. It seems that not many developers are interested in investing the time into doing this as they do not see a future with the Android-line by Nokia. Maybe Nokia should try and get CTS from Google and ship it with the Play Store. This is incredibly unlikely considering Nokia’s current relationship with Microsoft, who have a mostly competitive relationship with Google.

Will you be interested in purchasing a high-end Android-powered Nokia phone?

Source: @Evleaks.
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    vijay alapati

    “which involves divesting apps from Google Play of all Play Services.”……can you please explain this in detail…..i thought it is as simple as submitting a app to playstore or amazon store…..correct me if i’m wrong 0_o


    The problem is third party apps which make use of Google Play Services. Those apps will not work on a device which doesn’t have a proper install of GApps.