Do you want to be reminded to do something, but not every day, every week, or on a fixed schedule? Well, if you’re a fan of Google Now, you’re now able to set occasional reminders. What kind of things might you want to do occasionally? Clean the house. Wash the car. Walk the dog.

Simply tell Google Now to “remind me” to do something, and you’ll have the option for an occasional reminder.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 7.44.09 am

There’s a bit of magic behind the scenes here; we don’t know exactly what kind of schedule Google’s using for this, but reportedly it’s around two or three days. You can swipe to dismiss occasional reminders, and they’ll come back in a couple of days, so the utility might be a little limited.

Let us know if you’ve found this feature useful.

Source: Android Police.
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    I have Google Now reminders setup on weekly and fortnightly basis. Take the green bin out these days, take the yellow bin out every two weeks on this day… wash the car once a month. Check tyre pressure once a fortnight.. etc.. I find it really handy. The way this occasionally reminder works seems a little limited. Maybe one day they will add a button to say “Yes I did this” and it will be able to learn over time when to remind you ‘occasionally’. Wash the dog every 2 – 3 days? No way. Wash him once a month.… Read more »


    Matt, this seems to be for people who are missing that “nagging” person in their lives. I would mention gender here but I don’t want to be labelled sexist so I’ll let that go but it sure reminds me of some people I know. Mind you, I do the nagging at home as my wife is actually worse than me in getting things done. So I can chime in.

    BTW I do the exact same thing with the bins reminder. Did that after getting sick of asking “is it recycling week this week”. 🙂