June 2014 Platform distribution numbers
A new month, a new set of platform distribution numbers. It’s all good news as the rollout of Android 4.4 keeps increasing, with just a just over 4% increase in market share.

For the rest of the platforms the numbers are still decent. Froyo continues to drop, down another 0.1%, continuing its inexorable march towards obsolesence. Gingerbread too has dropped, at seemingly a faster rate shedding 1.4% of their market share in a month. Ice Cream Sandwich use also dropped, down to 11.4% of the overall pie. Jelly Bean too saw a decrease in usage, going from an overall 58.4% of the market down to 56.5% across its three version number(4.1-4.3) spread.

The comparsions to last month for your consideration :

Android Version May June
Android 2.2 (Froyo) 0.8% 0.7%
Android 2.3.3 – 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) 14.9% 13.5%
Android 4.0.3 – 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) 12.3% 11.4%
Android 4.1.x (JellyBean) 29.0% 27.8%
Android 4.2.x (JellyBean) 19.1% 19.7%
Android 4.3 (JellyBean) 10.3% 9.0%
Android 4.4 (KitKat) 13.6% 17.9%
Source: Android Developer Dashboard.
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    Nicholas Hubert
    Nicholas Hubert
    6 years ago

    No mention of devices running Lamington.

    Phillip Molly Malone
    6 years ago

    So, by these numbers, about 27% of devices (???) are Android Wear compatible! 100% would be better but considering the long tail of device ownership, this is pretty handy!

    Reply to  Phillip Molly Malone
    6 years ago

    True, although I’d guess that those most likely to pay $250+ for a first-generation Wear device are also more likely to have a modern, up-to-date phone.

    Unless the Moto 360 is an instant hit in the mainstream (not just tech circles), it will probably be a little while before Wear becomes mass-market simply due to it being a ‘supporting’ or secondary device rather than viewed as something ‘essential’. By then, it’s likely the vast majority of Android phones will be ready,

    6 years ago

    No Kit Kat on my mega 6.3 i9205 or note 8.0 :-/