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With the arrival of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live on doorsteps around the world, Android Wear is arriving. But it seems that Google Play isn’t quite ready for it, with some developers advising that their apps are not able to be sold on Google Play.

A thread on reddit for Phone Finder – an app to find your phone from your Watch – first brought the bug to light, where the developer has resorted to emailing the APK to affected customers (FYI: I purchased the app and it works a treat once I received the APK). The bug has been replicated by another developer Daniel Ward on his Watch Face app.

Android Police first reported on the bug, which Kevin Barry of Tesla Coil apparently diagnosed the issue as an issue with the Android App encryption used to prevent App piracy. At the moment, there are no issues logged on the Android Bug Tracker, but after just coming off the July 4th holiday weekend, it may be added shortly.

Its a rocky start, but Google will most likely move quite quickly to squash this bug, once logged.

Have you purchased any Android Wear yet?

Source: Android Police.