When a new device is released it is always an exciting time when the development community switch into gear and set about tweaking the manufacturers offering. Add into the mix a new platform and the anticipation levels rise even more. With the first Android Wear devices arriving in the hands of consumers (as opposed to developers from Google IO) the first custom ROM has been released.

Jakeday has released the first custom ROM for the LG G watch over at Rootzwiki. The ROM, Gohma 1.0, at this early stage seems to be basic kernel tweaks and is only an 8MB download. The ROM description is light on details with it listing only the very basics. The features of the ROM:

  • Improved battery life
  • Reduced lag between screens
  • Improved overall performance
  • Other surprises!

The developer has elaborated more in the thread after some users asked for more detail as to how he achieved the features.

The better performance comes from a combination of improved scrolling and touch responsiveness as well as better i/o methods. The better battery life comes from better memory management and how services are handed within the runtime. It takes a lot of patience, but it’s a balancing act that can be perfected to get the best of both worlds.

He is working on a full ROM which will be around the usual 300MB and hopes to release it soon. Without much feedback yet it’s difficult to know how much of a difference this ROM can make to your Android Wear experience on the LG G Watch so be careful if you decide to jump in, make sure it is possible, and you know how, to return to stock ROM if required. It is remiss of me to report this without trying it myself but when a platform is this new even I am reluctant to jump in immediately (plus it doesn’t help that Toll still have my G Watch). Give it a few days and I’ll be the guinea pig for everyone here.

Have you taken the plunge yet and tried this custom ROM? Are you likely to even look at trying it?

Source: Rootzwiki.
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Ian Aitken

Scott, Thanks for being the guinea pig when you get your watch. How will you be comparing batt life etc?


i suppose I can only compare it to my pebble which will not be good i expect.


Maybe you can convince Buzz to shell out for one … you need your control group after all! 😉