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After a bug arose over the July 4th holiday weekend with paid Android Wear apps not uploading to their customers Android Wear devices, Google has updated their Android Developers blog to advise that they have a workaround in place.

Through their Google+ page, Google advised that they advised this is definitely only affecting paid apps, with free apps requiring no changes. For developers, there are some changes required. Notably, the Android Wear APK, needs be renamed to wearable_app.apk and sit in the res/raw directory as opposed to the Assets directory that free apps can reside in. Developers will need to add an XML file to refer to the new path and update their app to refer to wearable_app in the new location. Once updated, the newly compiled APK should work fine.

Nice to see a fast response to this, but we’ll have to wait for a final resoulution. Until then, it looks like this is fixed for now.

Which paid apps have you purchased for Android Wear?

Source: Android Developers blog+Android Developers.
Via: Engadget.