Mobile gaming powerhouse Gameloft has been producing some excellent content for mobile platforms since the birth of the mobile revolution. Their first person shooter series Modern Combat has been improving with each iteration and on July 24th they’ll unleash Modern Combat 5 onto Android (and iOS).

The game has been ramping up for some months, with Gameloft showing the game off at E3 last month. From the trailer alone, it looks brilliant, but they’ve got a lot more coming. What we know about the game is that it will have a great single player campaign mode that will include fast-paced short and fun to play missions offering multiple mission types. Missions such as, Eliminate the target, Clear the Room and Cover your allies missions and much more. There will be destroyable environments, and options for bullet control, scan drone and revive.

E3 Game Trailer

While Single Player is cool, Gameloft has always offered great multi-player options for their games. Multi-player options will include Squad vs Squad, Capture the Flag, Team Battle, Free For All and Protect the V.I.P.


With Multi-Player, Gameloft has borrowed something from other multi-player first person shooters – Support Packs. There will be two different Support packs available which are triggered after consecutive enemy kills. Support Pack One will give you an Airstrike on a specific area, A Bombing run over a period of time and an Assistant Drone to check out the surrounding area. Support Pack two will contain an Auto-Turret to attack enemies from a fixed position, an EMP strike to disable enemy HUD for a time and a Recon helicopter to match enemy positions on a mini-map.

There will be global and squad text chat for those who like to chat while playing, and limited time events to boost your XP points or collect other cool rewards. Finally, you’ll get individual and squad leaderboards to boast to or be shamed by your friends.

In both single and multi-player there will be four soldier classes available: Assault, Heavy, Sniper and Recon. Each class will have their own particular skills, Recon soldiers will have speed and critical damage skills, Assault soldiers will have damage increase skills, Snipers will have accuracy bonuses and Heavy soldier class will have resilience.

Of course with different soldier types, you’ll have different weapons: Assault will get an Assault Rifle, Snipers will get a Sniper Rifle and Recon soldiers will get a SubMachine Gun with all three getting a Pistol as well. Heavy class soldiers will get a Shotgun as well as an RPG launcher to really make use of those destroyable environments. And with weapons come upgrades, weapons will have 5 tiers of upgrades available with a total of 25 weapon combinations.

Looking forward to Modern Combat 5 when it releases on July 25th, also hoping that we may see some Android TV compatability when it comes out too.