Google Camera
The Google Camera is getting an update at the moment, and with Android Wear the flavour of the month, there’s a new Android Wear component included – Remote Shutter.

The update, which is arriving via a gradual rollout to Android devices, brings about the ability to activate the shutter remotely from your wrist. Simply set your phone or tablet with the Google Camera installed up and you can hit the shutter when you’re ready to go. A three second timer is initiated when you tap it, and when the photo is taken a preview is shown on your watch face.

Android Police have also found there’s an update to the panorama view as well, with more bold dots included in the interface to make it easier to line up your shots.

The guys at Android Police have also uploaded an APK of the latest version (2.3.017) for you to download and side-load on your device. Or, you could just wait for the download to appear through Google Play over the next few days.

Google Camera
Google Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Via: Android Police.