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With Android Wear watches rolling out, there’s still a fair bit of hype surrounding the upcoming Motorola Android Wear watch – the Moto 360. This morning, Motorola has released a video featuring Lior Ron, the product lead for the Moto 360 talking about the inspiration behind the Moto 360.

The video is fairly short – 56 seconds – and to the point, he tells that they were inspired by watches when creating the design. He describes the round shape as ‘Magical’, ‘super comfortable’, and allows them to display a lot of information, finally he sums up with the fact that round is the shape that many people associate with watches.

Check it out:

Source: Motorola YouTube.
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vijay alapati

wish some dev can port android wear to gear fit

Dhruv Naik

Oh the irony!


When is this watch going to be released to the public again??