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Google Play Games
Google Play Games has been the focus of intense scrutiny of late, at the Game Developers Conference in March, Google announced cross platform gaming and gifts, and then at Google I/O last month, Google announced Saved Games, Game Profiles and Quests. We’ve seen some of these rollout but we’re seeing more today.

The newest rollout which brings Google Play Games to version brings a few new features which includes Experience Points(XP), Level and Gamer Title in a new Game profile. You also can now tap on your friends face to view their achievements and view all those newly introduced quests in one place.

You also get a new Inbox look which shows all your Quests, as well as your Gift Requests and Matches in one place. You also get Level Notifications in the settings menu.

The other side of the coin for Google Play Games is the new features for developers which Google has today announced on the Android Developers Blog, that the Cross Platform Tools for developers have now become available. Theres a few new features, including the iOS cross platform SDK for iOS

  • Updated Play Games cross-platform C++ SDK
  • Updated Play Games SDK for iOS
  • New game services alerts in the Developer Console

The update to Google Play Games is rolling out to devices through Google Play now, watch out for the update notification in your Google Play updates shortly.

Google Play Games
Google Play Games
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