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At Ausdroid we love the Android Minis created by Andrew Bell and other artists then sold through Dead Zebra, and every year at Comic Con, Andrew announces a limited edition set for sale at the show. In keeping with the theme of Comic Con, Andrew has announced that there will be a new series of his popular Heroes & Villians series.

The set includes 4 Android Minis – two heroes and two villians – with the heroes named Super User and BotMan while the super villians are named Professor Eval() and A/B Tester!

The set will only be available at San Diego International Comic Con, which runs from 24th to the 27th this month, at a cost of US$40 (limit of two sets per person). If you’re lucky enough to be attending Comic Con this year you can pick up a set (as well as one for me) from the Dumbrella booth, #1335, but you’d better be fast there’s limited stock available.

Also made available at Comic Con will be a brand new – extremely limited edition – set of Android Minis through DKE Toys. With Zombies doing HUGE business, it was only natural that a Zombie Droid would appear and that’s just what the new Infected series is all about. Created by artist Scott Wilkowski, the Infected series will make their first, and sadly only appearance at Comic Con.

Android Mini Infected

These figures are EXTREMELY limited edition, with only 100 pieces of each of the four colours – smoke, red, orange, and blue – being made. And as extremely limited edition pieces, you can expect a price to match, each of the figures is priced at US$70 each.

If you’re heading to Comic Con this year, we’ll take as many of these Android Minis as you can get your hands on, especially the Infected series.

How many Android Minis do you own?

Source: DKEToysDead Zebra.
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    Sean Royce

    I don’t own any. I’d love one eventually though.