It seems that few things sell (or are more popular) than sex, or the prospect of procuring it, and so it should be little surprise that Tinder is quite popular. The cross-platform dating / friend-finding app allows users to find matches (male or female) in the local area, which you can like or dislike with a simple swipe of your finger.

Now, you can do it all from your watch! Why you would is another question entirely, but at least it shows that Android developers are on the ball. On Android Wear, you can now launch the Tinder app, swipe left and right to like or dislike a profile, view basic profile details, and receive notifications of matches and messages.


From my quick experimentation (I’d forgotten I even had Tinder on my phone, from the last time I looked at it when the app was released), it seems to work as described. However, because the Wear app uses the left and right swipes, there’s not an obvious way to actually quit the app, except for palming the screen to force it back to the watch-face.

If trying to find love is your thing, and you’re geeky enough to have an Android Wear device, then check it out!

Tinder - Dating & Make Friends
Tinder - Dating & Make Friends
Developer: Tinder
Price: Free
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    You can swipe away the loading screen and long press anywhere else to exit.