We’re still a long way from using your watch to ask Scotty to beam you up, but you can get some Star Trek theming on your new Android Wear watch thanks to the Star Watch watch face now in Google Play.

The watch face gives you an LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) interface for your watch. The LCARS system is well known to Trekkies as it’s the primary OS used on computers in the Star Trek universe. It’s also looks to be quite a usable design as a watchface – although I still can’t decipher the star dates.

It’s an Android Wear specific app and though you’ll technically have an app installed on your phone, you won’t see it in the launcher. Instead the app merely acts as a vehicle to install the APK to your watch. Once synced, you can then select the watch face the usual way ‘Ĺong press on the clock and swipe left or right, tap to select’.

Source: Starwatch.
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    Hew McLachlan

    It’s Unix time


    It’s a Unix timestamp, running 1 hour slower than the displayed time.

    If that’s the case then this LCARS screen may have settings for multiple timezones.