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Google has today posted an update on their Factory Images page for the Nexus 5. Designated Android 4.4.4r2 with build KTU84Q, the release is very specifically for the Nexus 5 on Telstra as well as for carrier 2Degrees in New Zealand and the Nexus 5 in India. As well as the factory image, Google has released binaries for the new build as well.

Its an oddly specific release and shows some carrier specific fragmentation. We’ll be following up with Telstra to see if we can find out what inclusions are being wrapped up in this release.

Source: Nexus Factory ImagesNexus Binaries.
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Drew Freyling

I’ve got the 4.4.4 r2 OTA. I purchased from Play Store but happen to be on a Telstra sim.


I haven’t even got the 1st release…I’m so over Telstra, had so many problems with galaxy nexus with them. Them I buy a play store nexus and the same shit happens again. Time for a FDR & a move to Optus….Again Telstra your a pain in the arse!

Matthew Wolstenholme

A change log would be nice, is there a list of merges on googles site?

Matthew Wolstenholme

Hopefully this will be integrated into Roms ?


How will this effect future updates?

When they release Android L do we have to wait for an r2 release?

It this update for any Nexus 5 connect to one of the mentioned Networks or only those purchased form one of those Networks?

vijay alapati

still don’t understand why people buy nexus from a Telco O_o
Comparing with their plans will be lot cheaper to buy them outright i guess


Wonder if this is to fix the GPS lock issue affecting N5’s. Glad I rarely use navigation but when I do I like it to work.


I also still haven’t received the 4.4.4 update on my Play store purchased N5. With this new release of 4.4.4, I’m wondering if it’s possible they halted the rollout to Australian (among others) markets because of whatever issue this update fixes? Their lack of transparency is a bit frustrating. I’m with Boost on pre-pay so I wonder if the update includes my situation.

geoff fieldew

I hope this update enables the Nexus 5 to pass Blue Tick certification. I have friends in rural areas that I’d like to recommend it to.


I still don’t have 4.4.4. on my Google Play purchased Nexus 5… is something wrong?? I’ve reset the phone and still nothing. My original phone had to be replaced because the screen was faulty; is there a risk they’ve given me a ‘refurbished’ phone which won’t update??

Luke Pocock

I thought the same. I lost my nexus 7 and just got it back after 4 weeks and even that had a 4.4.4 update waiting for me

Daniel Tyson

@disqus_RUizvQZQq0:disqus still doesn’t have Android 4.4.4 on his. I have the L Preview on mine at the moment, but didn’t get the 4.4.4 update prior to flashing that. That said, I’m flashing back to 4.4.4 factory image tonight


Thanks for explaining that, I’ll stop panicking now and just be patient.

geoff fieldew

Same here too. I never saw a 4.4.4 OTA before loading up the L Preview.

Luke Pocock

Do you think that we all didnt get the update due to this story. Im guessing Google has controls of which country to push the updates too?


I reckon it’s almost certainly the reason.


Yes. Remember the fiasco with the update for the Nexus S on Vodafone where it was announced, pulled, delayed, released globally, then blocked from being released in Australia until later?


I still don’t have 4.4.4 on my Google Play purchased Nexus 5 either. I suspect this might soon change. My 2013 N7 got the update quite a while ago.


My Nexus 7 (2013) got it weeks ago. I feel like I’m being a spoilt brat whinging about not getting a *.*.1 update, but that’s why I bought a Nexus so I didn’t have to wait!


Thanks for posting. Glad I’m not the only one. Likewise, my Nexus 7 (2013) received 4.4.4 OTA relatively quickly, but no love for the Nexus 5.
I was about to go through the ADB sideload process, but I’ll wait a couple of days now. Still puzzled as to why a Play Store purchased phone is impacted by a carrier fragmented build, but I’m sure the Ausdroid folk will reveal all soon.


Phew! And here I was thinking that it was just my Nexus 5 that hadn’t updated. Sounds like everyone has same issue. A bit annoying really when this is the whole reason I bought it in the first place.

Mark Brown

one of my reasons for the Nexus was better support for updates, but still waiting for the 4.4.4 update.