google maps
Just in time for the weekend, Google has today updated Maps with a few new features, including some updates which could make going for a ride this weekend a little more attractive.

After updating Google Maps on the desktop in May to include elevation information for cyclists, Google has today brought the feature to Android. Cyclists will now be able to check out exactly how high those hills are going to be when you set out a route. You can even compare routes to see which one has the largest hills.

Cycling Routes with Comparison

There are a few other features if you’re not a cyclist, including Voice actions when you’re navigating to a destination. The voice icon now appears on the map while you’re navigating. The commands are conversational so you can use commands like :

  • How long until *Destination*
  • Show Traffic
  • Show a route overview
  • Mute voice guidance

Android Police also note that there is now an Uber card shown in the car tab when navigating, instead of just in the public transportation and walking view – only if you have Uber in your area obviously. Your Places now shows up in the slid-out navigation menu and the voice icon now shows up in the search bar instead of the ‘person’ when loading places – and for the nitpicky ETA is no longer in bold.

The update is rolling out to devices now through Google Play, it’s a staggered rollout which may take a while to reach devices. If you can’t wait, head on over to Android Police who have the APK mirrored in several places.

Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.