c8571cbc947e3953650a3ccabfdeeaa1_large-700x420If a six-inch display on your mobile isn’t enough, would you consider getting a second one? When I saw this headline, my immediate thought was no, but having read a bit more about what the InkCase provides, I’m kind of excited and I wanted to tell you a bit more about it.

Shown above, InkCase Plus is an eInk display that acts as a second display for your Android. What can you do with it? Many things. Firstly, you’ll save battery life, because viewing / reading things on an eInk display is significantly cheaper in terms of battery usage than a bright, backlit colourful display. You can perform tasks such as reading SMS, emails and news, as well as receiving notifications, messages, and social networking messages.

Better yet, while using the InkCase Plus, you can even answer your phone if it rings and activate your mobile’s speakerphone function, all without turning on the display on the phone itself. Your phone’s notifications are mirrored to the InkCase Plus, so you can see things like battery alerts, missed calls and the like as well. If you’re the kind that loves to read books on the go, then the InkCase Plus is a great idea.

As with all Kickstarter projects, we don’t like to endorse things that we’ve not used or know enough about, but if this project delivers what its promising, and it seems reasonably likely they will, then the InkCase Plus is looking pretty good right now.

For a bit more information, check out the KickStarter page. The initial goals have been met, with $100,000 raised and 29 days to go, but there’s still a few bargains to be found in the backers section if you’re interested.

Initial compatibility seems to be the Samsung Galaxy S5, but other devices may be supported based on demand.

Source: InkCase Plus on KickStarter.
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    Right make this for a phone that already has a power saving feature. Great move! lol


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