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Catalogues, propoganda all the stuff you get from stores to advertise their wares usually end in land-fill, but in a connected world, we’re starting to receive the contents of these missives in electronic form if you wish, and that’s what JB Hifi is now letting you do with the electronic version of their Stack Magazine, which is available now on Google Play.

As an avid collector of special edition DVD’s I often love picking up a Stack Magazine while visiting a JB Hifi, usually to take back to work to read at my desk during ‘quiet’ times. Stack magazine is a free magazine from JB Hifi which contains a good mix of what’s coming out on DVD and BluRay, as well as what music and games are arriving that month as well. It also contains some pretty interesting interviews with directors, actors, musicians and more.

The Stack Magazine app, which has been available on iOS for some time, has access to Australian as well as New Zealand versions of the magazine, and allows you to download the current and previous versions – although there’s only the Australian and New Zealand current issues available at the moment. It’s a fairly obvious port of the iOS app, there’s no Holo or Material Design here, which leaves a fair bit of room for JB Hifi to improve in future. Assets are not re-sized correctly based on screen resolution, making touch targets hard to hit and buttons look tiny on high resolution screens.

The magazine content is pretty high resolution which is great, except that to get that quality, they take an age to download. The app contains the ‘Offers in-app purchases’ tag in Google Play, this is not in-app content in the usual sense, in fact it seems to be the fact you can tap through to a mobile version of the JB HiFi website and purchase games, DVD’s and more that generated this tag – a neat, though possibly expensive option for people reading ;).

Throughout the mag are touch targets which allow you to view galleries of photos, movie and game trailers, JB Hifi Now album streams (note: You’ll actually need to be joined up to JB Hifi Now to get the stream) and more. It’s an interactive version of the stack magazine that you’ve read before.

Jump on over to Google Play to download it, there’s a competition running to celebrate the launch of the magazine on Android this month, where they are giving away $400 worth of accessories. Not bad JB…except for the Android ‘App Store’ image asset.
JB Comp

If you’re Ok, with the fact that JB Hifi just want to sell you stuff – it’s literally an interactive catalogue – then you’ll be pretty interested in the JB Hifi Stack Magazine app – check it out now on Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Play.
Thanks: Paul.
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    Great App, great Competition and Awesome review =)


    App installed, magazine read, competition entered. Here’s hoping…