If you still own a Pebble smart watch, third party Pebble app – Pebble Locker has added an update which is looking pretty good. Version 2.8 (which has now been updated to 2.8.1 to address crashing) of the Pebble Locker app, adds support for the app to work with Android Wear watches as well as bringing some general bug fixes.

The app now supports a ‘trusted Bluetooth’ option, which Google announced as a feature in Android L, which allows your phone to remain unlocked while your Pebble/Android Wear watch is within range. Once your phone is beyond communication distance of your phone, the security lock will re-enable – nifty.

You can head over to Google Play to download the update, or if you haven’t tried it out yet, click the link below.

Developer: Luke Korth
Price: Free+

Have you been using Pebble Locker with your Gear Live or G Watch?

Via: Android Central.
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I think you have added the wrong link? The article talks about pebble locker but you link to the official pebble app.


So frustrating that apps like these don’t work with pattern security. Maybe one day I’ll switch.