Wednesday , October 18 2017

EchoWear lets you identify music from your wrist

echo-song-searchMuch like well-established music services Shazam and SoundHound, EchoWear for Android Wear allows you to search for music you can hear, all from the comfort of your wrist. While Google Now on your phone will have a fair stab at identifying most music, sometimes you don’t have time (or want) to get your phone from your pocket, and that’s where EchoWear comes in.

Launch it from the Android Wear app drawer, or start it with a voice command (“Start Echo Search”), and it will record a few seconds of the song playing, before submitting it to widely recognised music database service GraceNote.

Within just a few seconds, it’ll identify the song and who sang it, the album it’s from, and even (as you can see above) the album art too if its available. Better yet, you can save the songs you identify to a list on your phone for purchasing later or watching on YouTube later on.

It’s in early development, as are most Android Wear apps, but keep an eye on this one!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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