Wednesday , February 21 2018

Meet Project Athena – an experimental redesign of ChromeOS based on Material Design

Project Athena

Material Design is the design language announced at Google I/O, it will appear across the entire range of Google’s products – from Android, to the web and of course their emerging desktop/laptop OS – ChromeOS. François Beaufort, Chrome advocate for Google has released a look at what the ChromeOS team is calling ‘Project Athena’ overnight, and for interested developers, you can follow along too.

As Mr Beaufort points out in his Google+ post, the project is of course about bringing about a new kind of user experience. There’s some re-design of the windows, as well as ‘some simple window management’. We can also check out the re-designed tool bar, which is quite rudimentary at this early stage of design.

To follow along, Developers can check out the source at It’s early, but could be promising, that is if the design of Android L is anything to go by, we hope to see more soon.

Source: Francois Beaufort.

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2 Comments on "Meet Project Athena – an experimental redesign of ChromeOS based on Material Design"

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Valued Guest

If Google are colour coding everything, then are we going to possibly looking at a new YouTube logo, as part of the process?
Also, I think something is missing from that list of colour codings. There’s currently no colour for Games.

Sean White
Valued Guest
Sean White

As Youtube seems to be run as an almost autonomous entity it’s always up to speculation. Whether they change a few thigns because o this push for Material design is something that we wont know until they actually pushg some code. I would love it to happen even if it is just to make it so that it feels like a Google service

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