It’s on again, after dropping the price on the Chromecast from the RRP of $49 down to $39 just over week ago, Dick Smith is repeating the deal.

You can grab a Chromecast for just $39 using the code ‘SAVER10‘. The deal is only available through online with delivery, there’s no click-and-collect available here. Just like last time, it appears the code only works for one Chromecast.

There’s been some developments since the last deal, with Google announcing the availability of Screencasting for Chromecast for selected models – although there’s been some unofficial expansion from the official list. If you’re after Netflix, we’ve got you covered as well with our guide on circumventing the DNS restrictions built into the Chromecast so you can stream Netflix to your TV.

Get on it fast if you haven’t grabbed a Chromecast yet, the deal looks to only be available for a short time.

Source: Dick Smith.
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Great offer. Only issue is they send it via snail mail. I’m still waiting from last week’s offer…


This is what makes Ausdroid brilliant. I already had 3 for 2 TV’s could not justify another. 1 for each TV and one for the xbox one so I can snap TV and watch shows in plex whilst playing.


What do you mean by snap TV?


missed it i guess


That’s number 2 ordered (one from lat weeks offer and now one from today’s). Thanks for the info guys!


Got my order in Sunday 20th 10;15am.
What a bargain!!
Thanks for the heads up,
I was a bit slow last time Ausdroid posted this deal and I missed out.