Google Now Remind Me - Search Bar
With Android Wear rolling out, with Google Now at the core of the experience, Google is looking to add more functionality and ways to interact with Google Now and now you can. You can simply type your reminder into the Chrome OmniBox or Search field on the Google Website to get an option to set a Google Now reminder.

The reminder will of course be tied to the account you’re signed into on Google. It works in IE, Firefox etc, as long as you’re on the Google Website, or in the address bar as long as you’re using Google as your default search.

Once the reminder dialogue box comes up you can modify the reminder to be a time or location based reminder. The option to set a location based reminder allows you to enter a street address – no option to set via a Google Maps pin yet. The time based reminder allows you to set specific day, with options for Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend or Set Date, which brings up an option to select a date from a calendar window.

It’s a bit more functionality, which Google can add to a multi-screen experience. You can now set a reminder on one device and have it remind you in a multitude of places. Check it out and see what you think.

Via: Android Central.
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    Yeah I find this is a lot easier to make complex or a lot of reminders at once.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Did not know this. Love it 🙂