The LG G3 comes with a newly designed glanceable case, called a QuickCircle case. The design centres around a circular window which LG is providing a number of widgets and functionality for, as well as opening an SDK for third party developers to make further software for it, overnight they’ve announced a game for the QuickCircle case to show that ‘QuickCircle can be as much about fun as function’.

The game is called Puppy Pop, and is a ‘match three’ style game, which you will play through the cover. You basically match three or more puppies by swiping a line through identical puppies to remove as many as you can in a set time-frame. You can also share your scores to social networks.

LG will release Puppy Pop as a free download to Google Play on the 23rd of July. Though it’s the 24th here in Australia and actually in South Korea – LG’s home country, there’s still no sign on the LG developer page on Google Play.

We’ve still some time before the launch of the G3 here in Australia, but we’ll give it a look while we review the handset in the lead-up to the launch as soon as it appears on Google Play.

Update: It’s Here (Thanks Andrew). Head over to Google Play to check it out.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Source: LG.
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vijay alapati

hmmmm….so this can be ported to android wear easily to work with moto 360 :p