We know the Moto X+1 is coming, Motorola themselves said it would be coming this summer. We’ve seen possible specs for the phone, now Android Police have gotten their hands on what their tipster is calling near-final hardware of the phone.

The phone is shown with a wooden back, with a large camera lens at the top and an equally large Motorola logo branded underneath. The front of the phone mainly consists of the 5.1″ screen which is rumoured to up the 720P resolution of the original to 1080P.

Design of the phone is remarkably unchanged from the original Moto X, with a thicker top tapering off towards the bottom in a wedge design. There are some differences in build materials though, with their source advising that an aluminium band runs around the sides, top, and bottom of the device.

There’s rumours that we’ĺl see the Moto X+1 being launched in partnership with the Moto 360 by the end of Summer. Whether Motorola will repeat their US Only restriction for the Moto X+1 is unknown. The Moto X is an extremely compelling device, we’d love to see the successor come down under a little more quickly this time around.

What do you think of this leak? Is this the Moto X+1?

Source: Android Police.
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I hope it is and it looks pretty sweet!