My Paid Apps

We’ve all been there; “What was that app I puchased last year that did xyz?” but you just can’t remember the name of it. If you’ve got a memory like mine you’ll probably forget you’ve even purchased one and head for the play store to buy a new one, if you’re lucky tripping over the original one you purchased.

My Paid Apps is a great little app (please excuse the irony here) that tracks what apps and books you have paid for and brings the to one useful interface. The app appears to scan through Play Receipts as it’s given me a reminder of some brilliant little apps I’ve not used for ages.

It’s a useful app to have on your device and check from time to time, check it out at the Play Store link below.

My Paid Apps
My Paid Apps
Developer: Jens Kristian Geyti
Price: Free+

How many apps have you purchased then either barely used or forgotten about? My count is over 40

Source: Play Store.
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    neat, but it’s not so good at adding up.

    Sujay Vilash

    Agreed. Says I spent $13.82 in the store but, if you count the books I have purchased, I have spent closer to $1,000.


    Phil, the bulk of my apps on that purchased then either barely used or forgotten about list, date to the Christmas 2011 sale.


    This is useful but annoying since apps like this provide functionality that should be in Google Play.