MotorolaRumours are flying that Motorola, which was once Google’s hardware acquisition, is working on the next Nexus handset, the Nexus 6, codenamed Shamu. Widely anticipated for an October/November release alongside the release of Android L, everyone’s looking forward to a new Nexus device, and there’s now a hint of evidence that it might just come from Motorola.

What we know is there’s a device out there called Shamu, and it runs Android’s open source platform. There’s a lot of rumour about what this device might actually be, but there are few concrete facts. Android Police have posted some rumours about a 5.9″ display and a fingerprint sensor, but we’ve not seen evidence of that.

Last we’d seen, size was looking more about the 5.5″ mark, and we find ourselves wondering if a Nexus phone at basically 6″ is a good idea; today’s phones simply aren’t that big. HTC’s One (M8) is a big phone, and it’s 5″. The LG G3 is the same size body, but with a 5.5″ display. Is 5.9″ likely? Is it just a bit too big?

However, paired with a posting to Google’s issue tracker for the AOSP project, it looks as if this information about the rumoured Shamu device might just have something to it:

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 6.00.28 pm

So, what does this mean? In short, there’s a device running a Google-built kernel, something that is most certainly not common for any kind of Android device except Nexus handsets. As the Shamu has been mentioned in conjunction with Android L information, it does seem a reasonable fit that it might see a release later this year, but what hardware it might have is really little beyond speculation at this point.

The codename itself — Shamu — is an interesting one; Google has used sea creatures for its Nexus line before, and Shamu, being the name given to a famous Orca, is in keeping… though, unlike previous Nexus codenames (Tilapia, Maguro, Groper, etc) Shamu is not a species name per se.

If we hear anything further on this rumour, we’ll be sure to let you know. After the quality of the Moto X and Moto G, I’d certainly like to see a Nexus from Motorola; they do great things.

Thanks: Android Police.
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    Yianni soc

    5.9″ screen will knock alot of people away from the Nexus… If they do a 5.9″ be sure they’ll launch a myriad of Google Play Edition’s G3, S5.

    My gut says they’ll do a Nexus Note series with awesome Sytlus capabilities to really show off to enterprise.

    Andy Mason

    Isn’t Shamu a killer whale? So, this phone could make a big splash!


    Or it’s a huge slab of blubber.

    Jamie Saltmarsh

    Maybe the new Nexus is based on the LG G Pro 2, a phone that never made it to retail in Australia. It would be great competition for the Galaxy Note 4 coming out later in the year…


    I would absolutely love a nexus phablet and 5.9″ sounds perfect to me…my current note 3 could definitely be larger for my needs.



    What on Earth is going on with these Nexus rumours lol?

    Hearing of 5.5″ phones, hearing of 5.9″ phones, hearing there will be no Nexus phone. I get that we’re approaching the silly season of Nexus leaks/rumours, but we’re already off to a pretty bad start.

    Don’t know what to believe, and honestly, none of them seem plausible outside of maybe possibly the 5.5″ LG Nexus phone. Only because LG have done the last two using their Optimus G/G2 as the base for the Nexus phones. Still though, some of these rumours are dreadful.


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    Tis rumours. 99% bs.
    By luck one of them might be true.