Nexus-5-for-Real-490x450On-line retailer Kogan has a Free Shipping Promotion on at the moment where you can pick up a Nexus 5 16GB for $369 including delivery.

That’s a saving of around $50 if you were to buy one from the Google Play store but there is a limit of 2 per customer.

You can choose from either black or white but will have to wait between 1-2 weeks for it to leave the warehouse.

You better get in quick on this one though, it ends at 2am tomorrow morning, Tuesday 29 July 2014.

Click on the following link to take you to Kogan’s Website.

You can click on this link if you want to check out Geoff’s review of the Nexus 5.

Source: Kogan.
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Hopefully google take $100 off soon like they did with the nexus 4

Jamie Saltmarsh

Thanks Me, What type of risk are you referring to for an online only store?
Also, the Nexus 5 may not be “cutting edge” but it’s still a great device with medium to high end specs at an affordable price.


Warranty…. There is none from LG or Google only Kogan warranty and if something has the name Kogan on it well from experience it is utter trash.


Kogan have not let me down.
Not trash Chris.


Kogan have been terrible in my warranty claim experience, I had to threaten legal action, at which point they immediately replaced the faulty unit. It took 11 weeks of emailing back and forth though, and then another 3 weeks to receive the unit. My story is not uncommon either. I would never recommend Kogan to anyone.


The hassle of returning a faulty unit and getting in touch with support if the order goes wrong, it’s easier with a reputable retail store. There are some horror stories on various forums (and good stories too).
My guess is that it is safer to order the Nexus from Google than Kogan. That’s all really. That said Kogan do put some really tempting deals now and then.

Jamie Saltmarsh

Yeah fair point, mind you some retailers aren’t the best either if you have an issue after purchase.


$50 isn’t worth the risk of an online only store unlike some of their better deals.

For example, the Samsung 12.2″ tablet is about $300 less than retail in Australia….that’s worth a risk unlike this deal. Besides, the Nexus 5 ain’t cutting edge no more.

Peter Massey

The fact it’s an “online only store” isn’t the issue really. There are plenty of reliable and trustworthy online stores, even Google only sell it online.

The issue is it’s Kogan! I’d rather pay the extra from Google directly than have to deal with Kogan.