G WatchThose who have read my posts in the past know my aversion to using toolkits for root functions such as unlocking bootloaders and rooting devices. Personally I feel that they put people in a bad position where they tend to rely on them too much so that when something goes wrong (and invariably it will) they do not know how to fix it because they have not learnt or maintained the skills involved with fastboot and adb commands. In saying all this toolkits can be a useful introduction to the world of root access, custom roms and general phone hackery. Every single device that comes out seems to have a toolkit made for it so there is obviously a market for it. The LG G Watch is no exception.

A toolkit has been released for the LG G Watch which allows you to automagically:

  • Unlock the bootloader
  • Relock the bootloader
  • Flash stock recovery
  • Flash stock boot image
  • Restore the device if bricked
  • Root the G watch
  • Install drivers

Out of all those the only one I would personally consider using is the last one. Sometimes, if you are using a Windows PC there may be driver issues, although lately I haven’t had those issues and I’ve never had the issues using Ubuntu on my Chromebook. As for the rest of the functions they are handy if you cannot figure out how to do it yourself but tread carefully as if something goes wrong you will also need to know how to fix it. The toolkit itself is not a small file being over 135MB and will work on Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

My advice is to use it if you must but if something goes wrong, don’t panic, Google the issue you are having. Chances are someone else will have had the issue before in the past and will have a way to solve it. Some of the Ausdroiders are also often available to help via our Google+ Community so feel free to post a message there and we’ll do our best to help you. That is for any device, not just the G Watch. Read and watch everything you can about any issues you may encounter before proceeding with anything, as always, not just this toolkit.

As always we are not responsible for anything you do to your phone (unless you make it awesome). Whatever you do is your responsibility and we recommend you proceed with caution every step of the way.

Source: XDA Developers.