twrp-lg-g-watch-600x810Each time a new Android device is released it isn’t long until the good people over at Team Win release their custom recovery for the device. A custom recovery, among other things, allows the user to root their device by flashing a SuperSU zip file (often the included SuperSU is outdated), flash a custom ROM onto their device, backup their current ROM and also factory reset their device. Of course the recovery that is now a favourite of many Android users, TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), is now available for both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live.

TWRP is a touch based recovery and thus may be very difficult to use if you have large Hodor hands considering the size of the displays on both the G Watch and the Gear Live. If you have a stylus handy I would suggest you use it to minimise any errant touches. Compounding this small screen is the fact that the recovery doesn’t seem to take up the entire screen so once this issue is sorted then it may be easier to use. Until then proceed with caution.

There are two ways to install TWRP, via an app from the Play Store or via fastboot using the images from the relevant TWRP pages for each device. The G Watch page and the Gear Live page both have links to download the image file required for this fastboot process. To install, once in the bootloader screen and you have determined your smartwatch is recognised perform the following command:

fastboot flash recovery path_to_recovery_image_file.img

As always read about what you are doing and follow any and all instructions to the letter. Flashing a wrong file in place of the recovery may result in bricking your new smartwatch so a cautious approach is highly recommended.

TWRP Manager  (Requires ROOT)
TWRP Manager  (Requires ROOT)
Source: Rootzwiki.