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Over the weekend, news cropped up about a phablet sized, Motorola built Nexus that was in the works code-named Shamu. There was a little bit of evidence to back it up, including a reference to ‘Shamu’ in the Android L Preview issue tracker, now according to PayWalled site – The Information – at least three new sources have corroborated the existence of the Nexus phablet.

According to ‘according to three people with knowledge of the matter’ the Nexus Phablet will definitely be coming – although really, nothing is certain till you can purchase it on Google Play. Sources have also indicated that Google waited until they had announced the sale of Motorola to Lenovo before starting work on the Moto NeXus (yes, I emphasised the X), so that other members of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) would not feel there was any favouritism involved in picking Motorola as the next Nexus maker.

The decision to go with Motorola for a Nexus phone – long a request from many Nexus phone fans – is apparently due to Moto X features such as Active Display and Touchless Control.

Also from The Information is a rumour that the much-rumoured-never-announced Android Silver program may not happen. According to sources, now that former Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, the driving force behind Android Silver, who recently left Google to take up the role of Vice Chairman of SoftBank Corp. and CEO of SoftBank Internet and Media, has left the fervour within Google for Silver has dropped, so it’s uncertain as to how far it will go.

Of course a 5.9″ Nexus phablet isn’t for everyone, and maybe it won’t have to be. Back in 2012, prior to the launch of the Nexus We saw a rumour that Google was working with multiple OEMs to deliver multiple Nexus phones, while that rumour died, it’s certainly possible that Google could do something along those lines here. We’re running purely on speculation here, but it’s possible that Google could want a range of Nexus phones this year – a phablet, as well as more traditional phone-sized device – this would cover more of the consumer base and get Nexus to more people.

With Nexus phones launched for the last few years between the end of October and the beginning of November, we’ll surely be seeing more about upcoming Nexus phones – or tablets – but as Nexus phone fans, we’re just glad that talk of the Nexus program ending has died off.

What do you think? Nexus Phablet or should Google go for a multi-handset approach with a Nexus 2014 series?

Source: The Informaton (Paywall).
Via: Android Police.
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So the rumour of the 5.9″ Motorola Nexus phone contradicts Ausdroid’s source who told them about the 5.5″ LG Nexus.

So who should we believe. Any Ausdroid writers want to clarify on what’s going on?

Oliver Ward

would like to know if there’s something smaller in the works, as this size would potentially alienate of buyers – myself included.


I do want a new nexus to replace my aging N4, but 5.9 inches is bit to big I think.

Andrew Palozzo

I personally would be all over this… I’m over double managing my n7 and n5.. I’d rather have the one phablet 🙂 Also i’m very happy with my n5, so the only thing to really entice me to upgrade would be a giant screen…


Just give the N5 a bit of a rev up. It’s still a perfectly fine phone. Release a Nexus 5s (where “s” stands for “slightly better”)

Andrew Palozzo

i just said the opposite though. I’m not interested in a slightly better model with faster cpu / more memory… they are nice to have, but it won’t be enough to make me upgrade from my n5. The only way i upgrade is if they give me a giant screen 🙂


My thought was bring on the Phablet Nexus, and just give the Nexus 5 a tweak.

Indeed you should buy the NeXus 6.

vijay alapati

agreed……a better camera with more pixels and with no bump
much smaller bazels like G2
better speakers sound and better Front facing camera
and finally slimmer and light weight 🙂


I couldn’t agree more. I used to do this with my n4 but left nexus for the Xperia Z Ultra. It has been a great phone and the best non-nexus interface I have used once I put my own launcher on. But I crave stock… I have ever since… And my fiances n5 always fills me with a need for stock… I love the GEL too. I could go down half an inch but that would be all I could deal with. The ultra is a little on the large side but trim the bezels down and 6.4″ would be… Read more »