Google Chromecast Australia
As one of the Launch partners for Chromecast, Foxtel’s Presto service took a full month to launch, but it did include Chromecast support when it did. Now Google and Foxtel have released a new commercial featuring the Chromecast and Presto.

It’s a short commercial which is titled ‘For Bigger Parties’ which features well known party animal Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie filmed in, starring (Isla Fisher) and directed by (Baz Luhrman) Australians – The Great Gatsby. The movie is available on Foxtels Presto platform, which currently features a One Month free trial for Australian Chromecast owners, which you can access by going to


It’s a pretty simple advert and shows the movie being ‘cast’ to a larger screen from a Nexus 7. Check it out

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    Great offer, I tried it and I had to create an account, did so and at the end it said we will send an email to confirm your email address. Never did get that email so never used Presto, not that I would pay a cent knowingly to a Murdoch company.